Choose a Bar Seat for Regionals

Choose a Bar Seat for the Regional Championships

After the regular season and Championship weeks are completed, all bars will have the ability to select a player for their Regional Bar Seat. This gives every venue one additional qualified player for their Regional Championship.

Once the new season begins and this functionality is online (we will announce this to TDs), TDs simply log into the WTP website as their venue and go to their Schedule page. Above their game rosters will be a section that looks like this:

The list will be populated with players who have not qualified for Regionals through their venue and who've played at least 5 games at their bar the previous season.

Simply click the box with the players and select a player you wish to award the Regional Bar seat. All you have to do is select a player - once you do, just leave it as is.

There are no criteria for selection - some TDs will select the 21st-ranked player at their venue from the previous season, or perhaps someone who played a lot of games but didn't rank highly. The decision is up to the TD!

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