Early Strikers Games during Championship Weeks

Early Strikers Games during Championship Weeks

All venues will hold Early Strikers games during their Tavern Championship night. These are regular games open to all players and the points earned count toward the next season's rankings.

The winner of an Early Strikers game held on Tavern Championship night also earns a seat to the Regional Championships!

Most venues will run Early Strikers as the 2nd game of the night. However, some will run Early Strikers first prior to the Tavern Championship. Please check your venue's schedules for exact details.

Some venues may run a 2nd Early Strikers game on Tavern TOC night. These are by request only, as some venues may not be able to run a 2nd game on Tavern TOC night.

Please note that while Early Strikers games held on Tavern TOC night will count for points in rankings for the next season, there is no Regional Championship qualification for the winner.
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