Qualifying For Regional Championships

Qualifying For Regional Championships

Just check out our Regional INFO webpage to find all the ways you can qualify for a Regional Championship - plus, get all the INFO on Regional events including schedules, times, and more.

You can also find ways to qualify for Regionals and all WTP Championship events here:

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      By playing and enjoying World Tavern Poker at your local venue, you can qualify for several WTP Championship events - in your tavern, region, and even National Championship events held in major casinos (East Coast and Las Vegas) twice a year! Most ...
    • Qualifying For Championship Events

      For a complete list of 'How To Qualify For Championship Events', please visit this page https://www.worldtavernpoker.info/champ-qual-page
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      Players can earn all kinds of awesome prizes at their Regional Championships, which are held twice each year in areas all over the country! Be sure to check out our main Regional Championship INFO page to find details on every Regional event, ...
    • Regional Championship Schedules

      Regional Championships are held 2-8 weeks after the current season has ended. For an updated schedule, please keep your eye on this page https://www.worldtavernpoker.info/regional-champs. Other Regional Notes & Info Online Regional Championships For ...
    • Choose a Bar Seat for the Regional Championships

      After the regular season and Championship weeks are completed, all bars will have the ability to select a player for their Regional Bar Seat. This gives every venue one additional qualified player for their Regional Championship. Once the new season ...