My scores are not correct. What do I do?

My scores are not correct. What do I do?

Call us on the phone at 3am! (Just kidding) :P

If after a TD scores a game your scores are not listed correctly - on the website or in a Scores Updated email - please get in touch with your TD to resolve it.

You can either reach out directly if you know their email address or phone number. Or, you can simply see them the following week to discuss it.

There is no need to email us to follow up on an incorrect score - UNLESS, you've already discussed it with the TD and they either haven't updated it in a timely manner, or are refusing to do so.

Submit a ticket here in the Help Center ONLY if the TD is not responding properly.


PS: Please do not hound a TD about a score from a game that ended a few hours prior. If you do and then send us a ticket about it, you may end up in another edition of the WTP Voicemail Vault! :P
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