Referring A New Bar or Restaurant to the league

Referring A New Bar or Restaurant to the league

Our Players and TDs are our best salespeople because you not only have a passion for the league, but you have also seen how World Tavern Poker helps bring in the crowds on a slow night.

If you have a bar that is interested, there are 3 things to consider.

Refer A Single Bar: If you would love to earn $100 and have a new location to play, please Submit A Ticket. It is important to include the information below to get the referral bonus. 
  1. Bar Name
  2. Manager/Owner
  3. Contact Info (email or number)

Become A Player Rep: If you would like to look for multiple new venues in your area, you should consider becoming a Player Rep. This gives you bigger referral bonuses and even earn seats into the National Championship.  Check out the info HERE. 

Become An Independent Poker Rep: If you would like to make a little bigger commitment, consider becoming an Independent Rep where you could have an exclusive territory, residual commissions, and passes to the WTP OPEN events. 

We are very grateful for any and all referrals you provide to help the league continue to grow!

All the best,

-Mike Matsinger and the entire World Tavern Team
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