Verbal Declarations and Talking During The Hand

Verbal Declarations and Talking During The Hand

Players can obviously talk during play, but they should not be revealing direct information about their hands.

They can misdirect a bit – remember, poker is about how you react to things and other players just as much as it is about the actual cards themselves. Saying something obvious like “flush possible” with 4 community cards that are all diamonds isn’t out of bounds, as that’s something everyone knows.

Saying “I need a card to hit my straight” is a bit on the nose, but typically, unless it’s happening every hand and becoming obnoxious, that’s okay – so long as they aren’t revealing precise information, like, “I’ve got 5-7 off, come on six!”

See our Rules & Guidelines (click here) on the INFO website as the section below has this situation covered:

In World Tavern Poker tournaments, the cards speak for themselves. If a player incorrectly states they have two pair, for example, but when showing their hand, their cards show a flush, then the flush plays.

Players can talk at the table while engaged in a hand. However, they cannot reveal exact information about what they are holding. Specific statements such as "I have two pair, am I ahead?" or calling for specific cards or suits while bets are still taking place is against the spirit of the rules, and a TD can warn a player who does this.

You are allowed to engage in sportsmanship as long as it's in a friendly way. Players intentionally trying to skirt or blur the boundaries of the rules can be issued warnings by the TD, up to and including being removed from the game.

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