What should I do when issues happen at a WTP event?

What should I do when issues happen at a WTP event?

It's rare, but every now and then, players can become unruly at an in-person WTP event. Please follow this step-by-step guide about how best to handle, address, and most importantly - AVOID - these types of issues.

VERY IMPORTANT: Above all else, get your TD and the venue staff and/or management involved if a player becomes unruly and/or isn't listening to the TD. We are not there, so for the best and most immediate way to handle these issues is to get the bar involved right away and let them handle it as they see fit.

#1: Never escalate a situation. If a player gets abusive or uses excessive language, or even threatens you in some way, immediately inform the TD and the bar staff on hand.

#2: Always treat the situation as if you are at the bar on a non-poker night. We (WTP Home Office staff) are obviously not at the venue with you. We do not know the particulars of what might have led up to the situation at hand. This is why getting the venue staff involved is always the best way to handle issues as they arise.

#3: Contact us, but only if necessary (submit a ticket through this Help Center) regarding potential player issues. Please, involve your TD and bar staff first! They will best handle any situation and then afterward, the TD can let us know if additional actions may need to be taken.

Of course, if you truly feel threatened or things escalate well out of control, feel free to call local law enforcement. This is likely, again, best done through the venue staff or management, as they can handle most situations themselves. But on very rare occasions, there have been incidents that required local police to intercede.
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