When are WTP Online Tickets added?

When are WTP Online Tickets added?

Qualified players can earn tickets to special monthly and quarterly events while playing in WTP Online events. But when are those tickets added? See below for timeframes for each special qualified-only WTP Online events.

You can find the current month's schedule of WTP Online Championship events here:

Virtual Bankroll Tournament (held monthly):
Tickets are usually added a few days prior to the event.

Online TOC (held on the 15th of every month):
Tickets are added a few days prior to the event.

TD Smackdown (held monthly):
Password is emailed to TDs from the current and most previous season a few days prior to the event.

Online Tavern Championships (held every 3 months):
Tickets are usually added 3-7 days prior to the events.

Online Quarterly National Championship (held every 3 months):
Tickets are usually added 3-7 days prior to the event.
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