Why you may not have a Ticket for an Online Tournament

Why you may not have a Ticket for an Online Tournament

If you do not have the required Ticket for an Online Event, it is likely one of these reasons,

You Did Not Qualify: Confirm that you qualified for the event. Please do not 'guess', be absolutely sure.

You Just Created Your Online Account: This means we did not have your online account information to provide you a Ticket. If it is within 24 hours of this event, we may not be able to assist, however, you can Create A Ticket and our team will do our best.

Your Live and Online Accounts Are Not Connected: If you qualified for this event by playing Live (at the bar), and your usernames are not the same for both, then you likely have not connected the two accounts. Click Connecting LIVE and ONLINE Player Accounts

Note: Please do not wait until just before these events start to alert us of an issue - by then it is too late. Please plan ahead.  Thank you!

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