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    • Popular Articles

    • Where are the World Tavern Offices?

      World Tavern Entertainment, LLC Years ago, after a 7-day Fireball and Poker bender that ended in a horrible bad beat - Mike decided to go into hiding. He and the team moved to Bouvet Island. For directions, please click HERE. However, it is rumored ...
    • Verbal Declarations and Talking During The Hand

      Players can obviously talk during play, but they should not be revealing direct information about their hands. They can misdirect a bit – remember, poker is about how you react to things and other players just as much as it is about the actual cards ...
    • Why you may not have a Ticket for an Online Tournament

      If you do not have the required Ticket for an Online Event, it is likely one of these reasons, You Did Not Qualify: Confirm that you qualified for the event. Please do not 'guess', be absolutely sure. You Just Created Your Online Account: This means ...
    • Monthly TD Online Tournament Password

      If you did not receive the password for the Online TD Tournament that was emailed, Check Spam Folder: Often times the email gets caught up in the spam universe Confirm You Qualify: Remember that TDs qualify if they are a current Tournament Director ...
    • Updating your WTP Website Account

      Go to and be sure to use your WTP username and password assigned to you when you created or last edited your account. On the next page, click the ENTER SITE button in the WTP Newsletter section. If you are a player, click My ...