How To Play No Limit Texas Hold'em

How To Play No Limit Texas Hold'em

What is Texas Hold'em? It's one of the oldest and most enjoyable games around!

No Limit Texas Hold'em is a five-card poker game where a player is dealt two cards, face down, and uses the best three cards of a "community" of five cards. The player with the best hand after all cards are dealt and all betting takes place earns all the chips in the pot. The player who earns all the chips in the game is the last person standing and wins the tournament!

In World Tavern Poker, players compete in free-to-play No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments at local venues throughout the country. Our game is built both for players new to the game and for long-time poker buffs all the same.

To learn more about our league and our game, check out the great resources below.

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