I'm not or have stopped receiving emails from World Tavern

I'm not or have stopped receiving emails from World Tavern

If you have a non-Gmail email address (Yahoo, AOL/AIM, Hotmail/MSN, RoadRunner/rr.com, Earthlink, Netscape, etc.), or a 3rd party-based email address (like a business company, or the like) and you're either not getting or no longer getting emails from us, please do not submit a ticket in our Help Center.

We've covered this before, but this article offers a bit more detail. But be sure to check out our other article on this topic here.

Some of these email service providers (ESP's) are blocking or re-directing WTP emails because they are "poker-related". These companies often update their spam processes as well, which means even if you've been getting our emails and they stop coming, it's almost certainly due to your ESP.

As crazy as it sounds, some ESP's also "learn" to block emails based on your opening habits. If you "archive" or delete WTP-related emails and don't open/read them often enough, the algorithms they set may "think" you no longer want them, and therefore will block them from your main inbox (sometimes directing them to "other" folders, like "All Mail", and even Spam/Junk folders).

Some ESP's - typically business-based ones like local or regional companies - have filters in place that will prevent emails from us getting through.

Either way, in almost 99% of cases, this is not an issue on our end. Please seek out your ESP's customer service department and tell them you want emails from World Tavern Poker to come through. Tell them to allow emails from "noreply@worldtavernentertainment.com" - you can also attempt to add this email address to your contacts and/or "safe-senders" list.

Some will carve out "exceptions" that will allow our emails in, but some may not. Your best bet? Get a Gmail address - though it isn't perfect, we've found this is typically the best email address to have to ensure you continue (or start) receiving emails from us.

PS for WTP Tournament Directors: The TD Newsletters we send out are from a totally separate place than the emails sent and received through the WTP system. This is why you may get TD Newsletters but not emails from WTP (like bar updates and results).

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