Online Registration Is Closed

Online Registration Is Closed

Most Online Tournaments will have a 30 minute Late Registration which means you have up until 30 minutes after the start time to Register AND Take Your Seat.

If you are unable to register during that time, there are 3 possible reasons;

1.  We Are In The Points: The Top 20 for each tournament receive points. Just like a regular casino tournament, once a player is knocked out 'in the money/points', then registration is officially closed. This happens from time to time in early morning events where they may only be 20-25 players.

2.  Shoot Out Formats: In Shoot Out formats (the winner of each table moves on to the next phase) there is no late registration.

3.  Do Not Have The Required Permission / Ticket Password: If this is a private or Championship event, you may not have qualified for this, but you can search the articles below.


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